RI General Law § 44-35-11 American Rescue Plan Fiscal Accountability and Transparency

This act was passed during the 2023 Rhode Island legislative session and signed into law by Governor McKee on June 26, 2023.  It requires all cities and towns in Rhode Island to provide the Division of Municipal Finance with a report every fiscal year that documents all of the American Rescue Plan funds that they received through the "local fiscal recovery fund" program.  Click on a municipality's name below to view their documentation.  If a city or town's name is not hyperlinked, that means we have not received any documentation from them yet. 

There is one zip file per hyperlink and within each zip file there is one folder for FY2023.  Inside this folder you will find two folders, one folder “FY23 Excel Workbook” which contains an Excel workbook while the second folder “FY23 Federal Reporting” contains a PDF(s) of required federal reporting.  If either of these folders is empty, the municipality has yet to provide the required documentation. Future years will have an additional fiscal year folder available in the zip file.

Please be aware the data presented is cumulative from the reception of funds through the fiscal year end of the municipality’s respective audit.  Additonally, the excel workbook is only required after the municipality has finalized their audit.  Finalized audits can be found here.

This information is self-reported and as such please contact the municipality directly with any questions.

Additional information can be found on the State of Rhode Island Pandemic Recovery Office's website at https://pandemicrecovery.ri.gov.