Contracts (Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)) are voluntarily provided by the locals to the Division.  The listing below is not exhaustive.  If not listed below, the document can be obtained directly from the local municipality.

Browse more than 125 Collective Bargaining Agreements between Rhode Island's 39 cities and towns and their employees. Contracts covering school department employees are not included.

Municipality Category Contract Expiration Date
Barrington Fire Contract 06/30/2025
Barrington Police Contract 06/30/2025
Barrington Police Civilian Contract 06/30/2025
Barrington Public Works Contract 06/30/2025
Bristol General Employees Contract 06/30/2023
Bristol Police Contract 06/30/2024
Bristol Police Civilian Contract 06/30/2024
Bristol Public Works Contract 06/30/2023
Bristol Sewer Employees Contract 06/30/2023
Burrillville General Employees Contract 06/30/2020
Burrillville Police Contract 06/30/2019
Burrillville Public Works Contract 06/30/2020
Central Falls Fire Contract 06/30/2022
Central Falls General Employees Contract 06/30/2021
Central Falls Police Contract 06/30/2022
Central Falls Public Works Contract 06/30/2021
Charlestown General Employees Contract 06/30/2024
Charlestown Miscellaneous Prof and Mgt 06/30/2024
Charlestown Police Contract 06/30/2024
Charlestown Police Civilian Contract 06/30/2024
Charlestown Public Works Contract 06/30/2024
Coventry General Employees Contract 06/30/2019
Coventry Police Contract 06/30/2027
Coventry Public Works Contract 06/30/2019
Cranston Fire Contract 06/30/2019
Cranston General Employees Contract 06/30/2018
Cranston Police Contract 06/30/2026
Cranston Public Works Contract 06/30/2021
Cumberland General Employees Contract 06/30/2019
Cumberland Miscellaneous Rescue 06/30/2019
Cumberland Police Contract 06/30/2017
Cumberland Public Works Contract 06/30/2019
East Greenwich Fire Contract 06/30/2022
East Greenwich General Employees Contract 06/30/2022
East Greenwich Police Contract 06/30/2025
East Greenwich Police Civilian Contract 06/30/2025
East Greenwich Public Works Contract 06/30/2022
East Providence Fire Contract 10/31/2022
East Providence General Employees Contract 10/31/2020
East Providence Miscellaneous Prof, Mgt, and Tech 10/31/2017
East Providence Police Contract 10/31/2025
East Providence Public Works Contract 10/31/2020
Exeter General Employees Contract 06/30/2025
Exeter Public Works Contract 06/30/2025
Foster General Employees Contract 06/30/2019
Foster Police Contract 06/30/2020
Foster Police Civilian Contract 06/30/2021
Foster Public Works Contract 06/30/2019
Glocester General Employees Contract 06/30/2019
Glocester Police Contract 06/30/2025
Glocester Police Civilian Contract 06/30/2019
Hopkinton General Employees Contract 06/30/2024
Hopkinton Miscellaneous Prof and Tech 06/30/2024
Hopkinton Police Contract 06/30/2025
Hopkinton Police Civilian Contract 06/30/2024
Hopkinton Public Works Contract 06/30/2024
Jamestown General Employees Contract 06/30/2025
Jamestown Police Contract 06/30/2026
Jamestown Public Works Contract 06/30/2025
Johnston Fire Contract 06/30/2022
Johnston General Employees Contract 06/30/2019
Johnston Miscellaneous Prof and Tech 06/30/2019
Johnston Police Contract 06/30/2027
Johnston Public Works Contract 06/30/2019
Lincoln General Employees Contract 06/30/2020
Lincoln Public Library Contract 06/30/2020
Lincoln Miscellaneous Rescue 06/30/2021
Lincoln Police Contract 06/30/2021
Lincoln Public Works Contract 06/30/2020
Little Compton Fire Contract 06/30/2021
Little Compton General Employees Contract 06/30/2021
Little Compton Police Contract 06/30/2021
Little Compton Public Works Contract 06/30/2019 & 2021
Middletown Fire Contract 06/30/2026
Middletown General Employees Contract 06/30/2025
Middletown Police Contract 06/30/2024
Middletown Public Works Contract 06/30/2025
Narragansett Fire Contract 06/30/2019
Narragansett General Employees Contract 06/30/2020
Narragansett Miscellaneous Middle-Mgt 06/30/2020
Narragansett Police Contract 06/30/2025
Narragansett Public Works Contract 06/30/2020
New Shoreham General Employees Contract 06/30/2019
New Shoreham Police Contract 06/30/2019
New Shoreham Public Works Contract 06/30/2019
Newport Fire Contract 06/30/2018
Newport General Employees Contract 06/30/2021
Newport Miscellaneous Supervisors 06/30/2019
Newport Police Contract 06/30/2020
Newport Public Works Contract 06/30/2021
North Kingstown Fire Contract 04/30/2022
North Kingstown General Employees Contract 06/30/2021
North Kingstown Police Contract 06/30/2021
North Kingstown Public Works Contract 06/30/2018
North Providence Fire Contract 06/30/2018
North Providence General Employees Contract 06/30/2015
North Providence Police Contract 06/30/2016
North Providence Public Works Contract 06/30/2019
North Smithfield General Employees Contract 06/30/2020
North Smithfield Police Contract 06/30/2019
North Smithfield Public Works Contract 06/30/2017
Pawtucket Fire Contract 06/30/2016
Pawtucket General Employees Contract 06/30/2020
Pawtucket Miscellaneous Prof and Tech 06/30/2018
Pawtucket Police Contract 06/30/2020
Pawtucket Public Works Contract 06/30/2020
Portsmouth Fire Contract 06/30/2019
Portsmouth General Employees Contract 06/30/2019
Portsmouth Police Contract 06/30/2020
Portsmouth Public Works Contract 06/30/2017
Providence Fire Contract 06/30/2022
Providence General Employees Contract 06/30/2022
Providence Police Contract 06/30/2019
Providence Public Works Contract 06/30/2022
Richmond Police Contract 06/30/2019
Scituate Police Contract 06/30/2021
Scituate Public Works Contract 06/30/2021
Smithfield Fire Contract 06/30/2019
Smithfield General Employees Contract 06/30/2020
Smithfield Police Contract 06/30/2019
Smithfield Police Civilian Contract 06/30/2020
Smithfield Public Works Contract 06/30/2020
South Kingstown General Employees Contract 06/30/2018
South Kingstown Miscellaneous Emergency Medical Technician 06/30/2018
South Kingstown Police Contract 06/30/2025
South Kingstown Police Civilian Contract 06/30/2018
South Kingstown Public Works Contract 06/30/2018
Tiverton Fire Contract 06/30/2018
Tiverton General Employees Contract 06/30/2019
Tiverton Police Contract 06/30/2018
Tiverton Public Works Contract 06/30/2019
Warren General Employees Contract 06/30/2021
Warren Police Contract 06/30/2023
Warren Public Works Contract 06/30/2021
Warwick Fire Contract 06/30/2022
Warwick General Employees Contract 06/30/2021
Warwick Police Contract 06/30/2021
Warwick Public Works Contract 06/30/2021
West Greenwich Police Contract 06/30/2021
West Greenwich Police Civilian Contract 06/30/2020
West Warwick Fire Contract 06/30/2019
West Warwick General Employees Contract 06/30/2019
West Warwick Police Contract 06/30/2019
West Warwick Public Works Contract 06/30/2019
Westerly General Employees Contract 06/30/2016
Westerly Police Contract 06/30/2025
Westerly Public Works Contract 06/30/2016
Woonsocket Fire Contract 06/30/2019
Woonsocket General Employees Contract 06/30/2017
Woonsocket Miscellaneous Prof and Tech 06/30/2017
Woonsocket Police Contract 06/30/2019
Woonsocket Public Works Contract 06/30/2017