Municipal Transparency Portal

Click on pop up window for selected municipality to reveal link directly to municipality datasets and reports or go directly to (municipal transparency portal) by clicking on links provided on this webpage.

The transition from the "old" reporting format to the "new" format for the Municipal Transparency Portal will be implemented through a three-pronged phase-in process. During this period, whether a municipality submits a report in the "old" or "new" format depends on which phase group they are a member of, what fiscal year it is, and what report is due to be completed. Phase I, initiated by our group of pilot municipalities, began the process by incorporating changes in FY16. Phase II will be a second group of municipalities who join the first by incorporating changes in FY17. Phase III will be the final group, representing the remaining communities not included in the first two phases, whose changes will begin in FY18. At the start of FY20, all Rhode Island municipalities will be fully transitioned to the "new" reporting format.